LASD Palmdale Station Child Safety Month: Battery Hazards for Children

Palmdale, California - October 9, 2013

Anyone with young children knows how much they love to explore by putting things in their mouth. Children love to play with cell phones, remote controls, watches and key fobs, etc. as well as take them apart. By taking these devices apart, it becomes extremely dangerous by exposing the button battery inside.

More than 2,800 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms after swallowing button batteries. The number of serious injuries and death, as a result of button batteries has severely increased over the last ten years. This increase would be due to the fact that all the electronic devices in our households keep getting smaller and smaller. Below is a list of safety tips which can reduce the possibility of injuries or even death.

  • Keep button battery controlled devices out of sight and reach of children. Many household devices include (but are not limited to) remote controls, watches, hearing aids, singing greeting cards, digital scales, thermometers, children’s toys, calculators, t-light candles, key fobs, flashing holiday jewelry and decorations. 
  • Place a piece of duct tape over the controller to prevent small children from opening the device and exposing the battery. Keep loose batteries locked away.
  • If you suspect your child has ingested a battery, go to the hospital immediately. When a child swallows a button battery, the saliva triggers and electrical current. In as little as two hours of swallowing a battery a chemical reaction can cause severe burns in the esophagus. Do not induce vomiting or have your child eat or drink anything until evaluated by a medical professional.
  • Enter the National Battery Ingestion Hotline (202-625-3333) into your phone. Sharing this information with family, friends, caregiver and sitters could save a life.

Working together as a community we can educate ourselves and our children on battery hazards to reduce the risk of injury or death. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Palmdale Sheriff Station at 661-272-2400 or email Deputy Jodi Wolfe at

Deputy Jodi Wolfe

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