Powerhouse Fire Evacuations Update

Lake Hughes, California - June 1, 2013


The Los Angeles County Fire Department, United States Forestry Service, along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have ordered several evacuations and road closures as a result of the Powerhouse Fire. They are as follows:

The area from San Francisquito Canyon Road north to Elizabeth Lake Road, Lake Hughes, and areas south of Lake Hughes Road and north of South Portal Road, Lake Hughes, have been evacuated.

Lake Hughes is an unincorporated community in northern Los Angeles County policed by the Palmdale Sheriff's Station (www.Palmdale.lasd.org) of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (www.lasd.org).

Cottonwood Campground in Lake Hughes is completely evacuated.

Los Angeles County Probation Camps John Munz and William Mendenhall in Lake Hughes have been evacuated to Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar.

Canyon Meadows Church campgrounds in Lake Hughes evacuation complete with five (5) individuals electing to remain.

Most recently, the community of Lake Hughes has been placed under mandatory evacuations and the community of Elizabeth Lake is under a madatory evacuation order. 

Road Closures

Road closures have been ordered in Castaic at Lake Hughes Road as well as Lake Hughes Road to Elizabeth Lake Road in the Santa Clarita Valley, policed by the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station (www.SantaClarita.lasd.org)

These road closures went into effect due to the heavy equipment traveling the road throughout the course of the day. Only Santa Clarita residents and emergency personnel will be allowed to enter San Francisquito Canyon Road at Copper Hill Drive. Only emergency personnel will be able to enter the area between Calle Daggett to the north and the Department of Water and Power Village to the south, located off San Francisquito Canyon Road. 

San Francisquito Canyon Road remains under a hard closure. Bouquet Canyon Road is under a soft closure open to residents only. Elisabeth Lake Road is under a soft closure open to residents only.

Evacuation Centers

A Red Cross evacuation center has been set up at Marie Kerr Park Recreation Center, located at 2723-A Rancho Vista Boulevard, Palmdale.

The evacuation site for large animals has been set up at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds (Gate 3), located at 2551 West Avenue H, Lancaster.

For small animals, the evacuation center is Lancaster Animal Shelter or Castaic Animal Shelter

The Cal Fire site Evacuation Checklist:

• Critical Medication
• Important photos and personal papers
• Essential valuables
• Pets and livestock
• Change of clothes and toiletries
• Cell phone and charger
• Critical papers and effects in a fire-proof safe
• Evacuation Route Map with at least two routes
• Drive your planned route of escape before an actual emergency

For additional information regarding the evacuation process please visit the Cal Fire website at http://calfire.ca.gov/communications/downloads/fact_sheets/Evacuation.pdf and Los Angeles County Fire Department at http://fire.lacounty.gov/

- Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD)

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