Palmdale Station Deputies Recover $20,000 Worth of Stolen Property

Palmdale, California - May 30, 2013

Palmdale Station deputies recovered over $20,000 worth of stolen property. Over the past month several properties in the Acton and Agua Dulce area have been burglarized. Stolen items included equestrian related equipment such as tack and saddles.

Several weeks ago while traveling through the Sunland area of the San Fernando Valley, a citizen saw a female selling saddles and horse bridles on the side of the road. The citizen stopped to look at the items and recognized one of the saddles as belonging to a friend. She contacted her friend and learned their property had been burglarized and several items had been stolen including the saddle she had seen.

On Sunday, May 25, the citizen saw the same female in the Sunland area trying to sell the stolen saddle. She immediately notified Palmdale Sheriffs who responded to the location to investigate. Deputies identified the female as Maria Vega. While questioning Vega, the owner of the saddle arrived and positively identified his saddle.

Numerous other stolen items were recovered from the Vega’s residence. Upon further investigation it was determined Vega was aiding her boyfriend, Jose Dominguez, who had stolen the items. Deputies responded to Dominguez’ residence and recovered several other stolen items including several very expensive mountain bikes. When questioned about the items, Dominguez claimed he had found the items abandoned in an alley. He later changed his story, claiming he purchased all of the items from an unknown person in Valencia.

Both Vega and Dominguez were arrested and booked at the Palmdale Station on burglary charges.

In all, over $20,000 worth of stolen property was recovered from the suspect’s residences. Palmdale station detectives have returned many items to their rightful owners but are still looking for other victims. If you or someone you know may have had some equestrian items stolen recently, please contact Detective Dan Wolanski at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station at 661-272-2442.

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