Pay Online with PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards

Now accepting PayPal

AV Dispatch is now accepting credit cards and debit cards for advance fare payment online (minimum $25) with safe, secure payment options through PayPal.

To use this service, simply call ahead at 661-526-7277. Tell the dispatcher where you want to be picked up and where you want to go and you'll be quoted the amount of the fare.

After you know the cost you can choose to pay online from the list below or request an invoice be sent to your email.

If you choose to pay online through the below links, please be sure to enter your phone number so we can call you to confirm receipt of your payment and the details of your order.

Should you require any additional information call us anytime at 661-526-7277.

$25 - $29
$31 - $39
$41 - $49
$50 - $58
$60 - $68
$70 - $78
$80 - $88
$90 - $98
$100+ requires email invoice - call 661-526-7277

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