How To Order A Taxi

Start by calling (661) 526-7277.

The dispatcher who answers will need the following information from you:

What city, town, or community are you calling from?

We service two cities and multiple towns and communities. By stating, for example, "I need a taxi in Palmdale," you're giving us a heads-up as we're already determining which, and how many, vehicles are available to service your call.

Each city requires its own permit. While many taxis may be permitted for both Palmdale and Lancaster, some are permitted only for Palmdale or only for Lancaster.

What is your pick-up address?

This is, obviously, important information that is necessary to dispatch a taxi to you and should be known before you call us or any other company. If you don't know where you are, we certainly don't.

Addresses are not important if you're calling from a public place such as a courthouse, hospital, mall, etc. You may need, however, to distinguish between entrances such as a hospital main or emergency entrance or which area of a mall you are at. If you call from Walmart, for instance, which one, and are you at the food, pharmacy or garden area?

As knowledgeable as we are of most locations, there are still some that we may not know. In this case, knowing the major cross-streets nearest your location is extremely helpful and cuts down the time it will take to dispatch your taxi cab.
If you're calling from "Daisy Way," a small out-of-the way street with just a couple of houses, we may have to look it up to find it before dispatching the cab. If you tell us it's near "20th St E and Ave S," we can dispatch the taxi and then look it up thus saving time in reaching you.

What is your telephone number?

A telephone number that you can be reached at is extremely important for a number of reasons. Equally important is answering your phone when we call you back. Otherwise you may not get the taxi you're expecting.

Things happen: Cars may get a flat or break down; You may have given or we may have written down the wrong address. We'll need your phone number to get back to you and correct mistakes or keep you informed of changes, if any, to your taxi's status.

We'll call you moments before your taxi arrives so you don't have to stand outside in inclement weather or stop everything you're doing to keep watch.

Phone numbers are also important in helping to keep our drivers safe, as well as in aiding to cut waste of our resources.
Some people will call numerous companies for a cab and just get in the first car that arrives. Or maybe a friend will show up and give them a ride.
Anyone showing up after that has just wasted time and gas in getting there. We may call to make sure you're still waiting and if you do not answer, your cab may be redirected to another caller.
In addition, should the taxi arrive within the time we've given and you've accepted, and you're not there and didn't call back to cancel, we may refuse service to you in the future

To recap, if you do not have a phone, or if you do not answer it after calling, you may not get a cab.

What is your name?

We don't need your full name (although it is helpful), just your first or last name to ensure the driver is picking up the correct passenger - especially when picking up at a public place.

Where are you going?

Whether you are going local or long distance, you are equally important to us and every caller, no matter the destination, can expect the best service we have to offer at the time.

Your destination is important to us in ensuring the safety of our drivers and in making sure our resources are being used in an efficient manner.

Let's say you're calling from 30th St W and Ave K to go to 25th St W and Ave L, if someone else calls from 20th St W and Ave M we can send the same car that drops you off instead of dispatching a car from across town.
Under the same scenario as above, if you're going long distance we can immediately dispatch the other cab from across town to service the next caller without having to wait to find out from your driver where you are going.

How many people?

This is important in ensuring you get the right vehicle for your needs. If you have five people travelling, we do not want to send you a car that seats only four. Such an instance wastes your time and ours.

Children under the age of nine years, unless they're five feet tall or over, are required to use child safety seats. Some, but not all, cabs will carry one but you should have your own. If you do not inform us that you have children with you, the driver may refuse service to you which results in wasting both your time and ours.

How are you paying?

All drivers accept cash while some may accept vouchers and credit cards.
If you are paying by voucher or credit card, please inform us so we can ensure, for you, a driver that accepts your payment method. We do not accept credit cards for fares under $25.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments below or call us at (661) 526-7277.

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