LASD Palmdale Station: Littlerock search warrant uncovers weapons, ammunition cache; 3 arrested

LASD Palmdale Station - Palmdale, California - January 7, 2014

On Tuesday, January 7th at approximately 5:00am, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB), Palmdale Station Detectives and Partners Against Crime (PAC), served a high risk search warrant at a residence on the 10000 block of East Avenue S-4, in the Littlerock area, resulting in three arrests.

This case actually opened up for detectives approximately three weeks ago when a storage unit in the city of Palmdale was burglarized, resulting in the theft of four guns. Using departmental resources and training, Palmdale Detectives developed information which resulted in today’s search warrant.
The search warrant deemed very successful. Deputies recovered several reported stolen guns and discovered an underground bunker which included a 25 yard shooting range in an “out building” behind the primary location. Furthermore, deputies recovered a large cache of weapons and ammunition which included:

  • 6 pistols 
  • 11 rifles 
  • WWII Machine gun 
  • over a 1,000 rounds of ammunition 
  • Approximately 150 magazines 
  • Approximately 50 high capacity magazines 
  • several items of White Supremacist paraphernalia

The three suspects arrested at the location were 54 year-old Littlerock resident Todd Hunt, 33 year-old Littlerock resident Royce Gresham and 62 year-old Littlerock resident Larry Finnell.

All three suspects were transported and booked at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station. Hunt was booked on charges of Possession of an Assault weapon with a bail amount of $35,000. Gresham was booked on charges of a Felon in Possession of a Firearm with a bail amount of $35,000. Finnell was booked on charges of a Felon in Possession of a Firearm with a bail amount of $35,000. All three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, January 9th at the Antelope Valley Court House.

The ongoing investigation is being handled by Palmdale Detective Bureau.

Deputy Jodi Wolfe

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