1100-1200 Block of E Ave Q-4, Palmdale, CA

Palmdale > 1100-1200 Block of E Ave Q-4

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AV Dispatch offers fast service and low rates for transportation from anywhere in Pearblossom, Littlerock, Juniper Hills, Llano and Lake Los Angeles to 1100-1200 Block of East Avenue Q-4 in Palmdale.

We'll pick you up at 1100-1200 Block of E Ave Q-4, too, and take you anywhere you'd like to go. Just call us at (661) 526-7277. The wait time is generally about 15 to 30 minutes at this location. It's best to call ahead, when possible.

AV Dispatch approximate rates to 1100-1200 Block of E Ave Q-4 from:

Juniper Hills - $37
Lake Los Angeles - $39
Lancaster - $21
Littlerock - $23
Llano - $43
Palmdale - $5 minimum
Pearblossom - $31
Sun Village - $23

Fares listed are approximate. Your fare may be higher or lower depending on your exact pick-up location. Get your exact rate by clicking here - Calculate Your Fare

Of note on this block:

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