LASD Palmdale Station Child Safety Month: Preventing Burns & Scalds

Palmdale, California - October 12, 2013

As parents we want to keep our children safe and secure at all times. Unfortunately we cannot be with our children 24 hours a day. Therefore, we must teach them how to be safe when we are not present. Every day, approximately 300 children are treated in emergency rooms for burn-related injuries, and two children die as a result of being burned.

Young children are more likely to sustain injuries from scald burns caused by hot liquids or steam. Older children typically endure injuries from direct fire flames. By following the safety tips below you can reduce your child’s odds of being injured by burns and scalds.

  • Child-proof the electrical outlets in your home. Children love to stick objects like keys and forks into electrical sockets.
  • Keep all appliance cords out of children’s reach, especially if the appliance has the capability of producing heat. Keep a watchful eye on appliances which produce heat. Unplug immediately after use.
  • Please do not carry or hold your child while using the stove.
  • Prevent scalding by setting your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider installing anti-scald devices in water faucets and showerheads.
  • Microwaves heat unevenly therefore causing hotspots in food. Avoid using them to heat baby formula and milk.
  • Educate older responsible children to cook safely. Teach them to never leave the stove or oven unattended. Instruct older children to use oven mitts or potholders before removing items from the stove or oven. 

Working together as a community, we can educate ourselves and our children on burn and scald prevention to reduce the risk of injury or death. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Palmdale Sheriff Station at 661-272-2400 or email Deputy Jodi Wolfe at

Deputy Jodi Wolfe

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