Palmdale probation searches yield five arrests

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February 14, 2013 -

On Thursday morning, teams from the Antelope Valley Crime Fighting Initiatives (AVCFI) conducted searches of probationers at 18 locations throughout the City of Palmdale. In all, five arrests were made, including: two individuals for possession of marijuana for sales, one for possession of a firearm and another for a felony warrant. This operation was planned by Palmdale’s Station team- Partners Against Crime (PAC), with assisting teams from both local sheriff stations, Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and the Probation Department.

The gun recovered during one search was found to be the property of 26 year- old, Anthony Beshears, who is currently on probation. Also found during the Beshears search was marijuana that appeared to packaged and prepared for transportation through a shipping company.

Lieutenant Larry Gregg of the AVCFI task force said, “Five arrests out of 18 locations served is a pretty typical arrest rate. The important thing to remember is that well more than half of those approached were not arrested.” He said it was important for individuals on early release programs, whether probation or parole, to be aware that there are resources available to assist them in assimilating back into society. “Recidivism by these individuals continues to be a problem. For those re-entering society, they need to remember that programs are available to help them get into school, find jobs and keep them from returning to jail or prison. All they need do is to reach out for help.” Gregg said.

This operation was sixth conducted by the task force, as a whole, since the first of the year, and more are planned. More than 70 arrests and 55 searches have been conducted in these operations. This task force, since its inception in 2007 is one of many reasons for reduction in crime across the Antelope Valley.

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