Antelope Valley Hospital Introduces First Baby Born in 2013

January 6, 2013

While Antelope Valley residents were busy greeting the New Year with family and friends, Maximus Logan Davis was greeting the world with his first cries of life at Antelope Valley Hospital (AVH).

Thousands of babies are born annually at AVH, and the cycle begins anew each January with
the celebration of the first birth of the year. This year, that honor goes to Maximus, who was born in the
AVH Women and Infants Pavilion at 1:08 a.m. on January 1, 2013. He weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces,
measures 19.34 inches in length, and was delivered by attending obstetrician, Jackson C. Fu, M.D.

Maximus is the first child born to parents Taylor Blackburn and Earl Davis, who are both residents of Palmdale. Having initially planned to be celebrating his birth around the Christmas holiday, Maximus’ parents were surprised to learn that he was the first baby born on New Year’s Day. “We were very happy to finally meet him,” said new-mom, Blackburn.

Tens of thousands of the Antelope Valley’s residents have been brought into the world at AVH since its doors opened in 1955; in fact, 5,500 newborns were delivered at AVH’s Women and Infants Pavilion in past 12 months alone. As the community’s first baby of 2013, Maximus and his parents were given a large gift basket from AVH that included a variety of baby items, such as an infant car seat, baby blankets, baby clothes, supplies, crib accessories, photo albums, and stuffed animals.

“We are honored celebrate the arrival of the 2013 New Year’s Baby, and wish Maximus a life filled with good health and happiness,” said Edward Mirzabegian, AVH Chief Executive Officer. “Delivering babies and providing high-quality maternity care has long been one of our top priorities and we are delighted to share in this special occasion with Maximus and his family.”

The Women and Infants Pavilion, AVH’s spacious maternity care facility, houses a complete array of obstetrical and newborn services. It features 39 private “Couplet Care” rooms that are furnished with special beds and bassinets so that the mother and baby can stay in the same room until they go home. The facility is also home to a level 3b community neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) equipped with 20 private rooms to care for newborns with special needs, and three technologically-advanced surgery suites.

For the past several years, AVH has been acknowledged for its outstanding maternity services by receiving the Healthgrades® 5-star Maternity Care Excellence Award. This award recognizes hospitals that provide consistent high-quality care for women and their babies during pregnancy, delivery, and the first few days after delivery.

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