2012 Antelope Valley Fair Receives Fourteen Marketing Awards

January 5, 2013

The 2012 Antelope Valley Fair & Alfalfa Festival “Cherry Jammin!” event was recently presented with several Marketing awards. Fair 2012 delivered a total of 14 awards, combined, from the Western Fairs Association (WFA) and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE). Specifically, the Antelope Valley Fair won 4 ‘First Place’, 1 ‘Second Place’, 7 ‘Third Place’ and 2 ‘Honorable Mention” awards between the 2012 IAFE Hall of Honor Communications Awards and the WFA 2012 Achievement Awards Program. Nearly all awards for both the WFA and IAFE were in the categories of marketing/advertising and community outreach.

Fair officials expressed considerable pride in noting that the AV Fair won First Place for their overall Marketing Campaign (see photo, pg. 3) from both organizations that included other Fairs of their size (attendance between 150,000 to 500,000) competing in the same category. Two other First Place awards were given for the Fair 2012 Press kit and the on-line, LocalLiving.com 4-pack program to promote tickets sales for the Professional Bull Riding show held at the A.V. Fairgrounds on the 4th of July 2012.

Out of the over 500 WFA entries from 48 Fairs throughout the West, the A.V. Fair was recognized with a total of 10 awards that included the new Queens Reading Room program where Community Queens read to young fair attendees in shifts throughout the 10 day Fair. The new Fair Coupon Book, newspaper ads, poster and the artwork on the large billboard on the A.V. 14 freeway were also recognized. Lastly, the Fair Logo Contest Theme Art and discounted admission ticket fliers distributed by local A.V. McDonald’s restaurants earned WFA honorable mentions.

IAFE, with a membership of over 3,200 Fairs, annually organizes a team of industry leaders to evaluate and judge the over 1,000 entries from around the world. In addition to winning the Best Advertising campaign, the A.V. Fair Media Guide/Press kit also won First place while the full page, Antelope Valley Press Lifestyles magazine ad promoting competitive exhibits and digital billboard ads were awarded Third Place.

General Manager, Dan Jacobs commented, “Our goal for each Fair is to meet the diverse educational and entertainment needs of our community in an affordable way. We can only reach our neighbors through a creative and cohesive marketing campaign and promotions that result in bringing together the residents and families of the Antelope Valley to our annual Fair.”

Marketing Manager Wendy Bozigian added, “We are honored at being recognized by our WFA and IAFE peers with First Place awards for our Fair 2012 Marketing campaign. In keeping with our commitment to our agricultural roots and the abundance of cherries grown in the Antelope Valley; we decided to celebrate Cherries for Fair 2012 with our “Cherry Jammin’!” theme.

The A.V. Fair offers a wealth of education in agriculture, livestock, competitive exhibits, exposure for local performers, a venue for non-profit organizations to raise needed funds and more. Our attention getting “Cherry Jammin’!” artwork successfully got the message out to everyone that it was Fair time and it’s always gratifying to receive positive feedback for our efforts.”

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