AV Dispatch Flyer

AV Dispatch distributes our own printed flyers throughout Palmdale, Juniper Hills, Littlerock, Llano, Pearblossom and Sun Village.

We invite you to place a listing or ad in the AV Dispatch flyer.

Advertisements are limited to a minimum of 500 copies.

Prices start at 1¢ per copy for a Basic Listing. (Minimum 500 copies for $5)

An Enhanced Listing starts at 2½¢ per copy. (Min. $12.50)

Prices start at 5¢ per copy for a One-Eighth Page ad, 7½¢ per copy for a One-Quarter Page ad, and 10¢ per copy for a Half Page ad. (Min. $25, $37.50, $50)

An interior Full Page ad starts at 15¢ per copy, or you can purchase a full Back Page ad, when available, starting at 20¢ per copy. (Min. $75, $100)

The Front Page, when available, starts at 25¢ per copy. (Min. $125)

Prices include ad design, printing and distribution.

Currently, the AV Dispatch flyer is printed only in black & white/greyscale.

Click here to view our upcoming distributions.

Of course, we'll distribute your pre-printed advertising materials starting at $20 per 100 pieces, with a minimum of 100 pieces.

Need more info? Call AV Dispatch at 661-526-7277.

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